Long coil processing

Achievements of long coils processed with flexible push-ability and with smooth surface.

Long coils produced by our in-house machinery are highly flexible, with a very smooth surface and with high-quality.
Also, by using a flattened or compressed wire, it is possible to increase the inner diameter while maintaining the outer diameter, in addition to controlling the push-ability by adjusting the pitch, maintaining a uniform diameter as well as other processing; with pitch or no pitch.


  • Flexible push-ability (initial tension)
  • High-quality / Smooth surface
  • Uniform outer diameter

Main usage

  • Catheter
  • Endoscope treatment tool
  • Protective tube

Compatible specs


Stainless steel, platinum, tungsten (gold plating, electropolishing) etc.


round wire / flat wire

Wire diameter

Wire diameter from φ0.02mm

Outer diameter

Outer diameter from φ0.36mm

Overall length

max 3,000mm


Taper processing, edge processing, polishing , PTFE coating, pitch/solid winding, round wire/flat wire, pitch/solid winding, uniform outer diameter