Commercialization challenges of 『Protecting』the environment to 『Regenerating』the environment.

We(Mitaka) look ahead to the future, engaging in business to create positive change to the environment.

It is becoming difficult to proceed with business without being aware of the environmental issues that surround us.
From the past to the present, it has been argued that the world needs environmental protection and sustainable development.
Although continuous efforts are being made to reduce the environmental burdens, there still remains many environmental concerns.

The word “being less bad is not being good” is attracting attention in the scene where environmental issues are talked about.
『Not doing bad doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doing good』is what this quote means.

We (Mitaka) take this quote as an important pillar of business.
In the coming era, it will be indispensable to take a step further from the act of 「protecting the environment」to 「regenerating the environment」

Environmental problems can not be solved by reacting passively.
It is necessary to take ownership and build a system where as to stop creating environmental problems.
Through our business activities, we aim for a ( sustainable better world.)

Mitaka Environment Committee

October 18,2021
We established [MITAKA Environment Committee] to unify the environmental activities that had been carried out individually by each department.

Currently, we are engaged in a wide range of activities such as improving the company environment, cleaning the local community, and contributing to donations.
In the future, we will continue to work toward the goal of “realizing a sustainable and better world” such as “paperless”, “clean energy”, and “3R activities”!

We are looking for members who will take action with us.

Guest appearances on Media

We will broadcast on the local community FM and YouTube channel.

Co-Sponsoring events

We will plan and hold events that connect people with the same values.

New planning of products and services

We plan and produce products and services based on the keyword “environment”.