Message from the President

Since the Industrial Revolution in England, humankind has continued to make great strides.
In recent years, lifestyles have changed, and we are now in a world where everyone can experience major changes, centered on AI and IoT.
In fact, we are in the midst of this rapidly changing world.
10 to 20 years from now, imagine what kind of world it would be?
Before considering new Monozukuri or services, it is time to review the values, concepts, and ways of dealing with things.
We believe that a company is an assemblage of ‘individuals’ that contribute to society and the earth. We never stop challenging ourselves to develop sustainable Monozukuri.
Let’s connect the baton with confidence to the next generation.

President Eigo Tajima


Contributing to global change through business
Improving the global environment
Creating a business system
Doing something for others
Starting with medical care, our business is to build a safe and secure life
Supporting the desire to be independent
We aim to create a performance evaluation system for each and every one, and to be an organization where the company and each individual can prosper together.

Company Profile


Mitaka Co., Ltd.


1765-1 Menuma, Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture 360-0201


10 million yen

Date of establishment

October 1991


Eigo Tajima


30 people

Main bank

Gunma Bank


Provision of medical equipment components
Providing semiconductors and electronic parts

Technology we handle



Establishment of Mitaka Co,.Ltd. Start manufacturing shutter springs for floppy disk.


Establishment of branch office and factory in HongKong. Start manufacturing ‘suspension wires’ optical pickups for DVD and CD’s.(※photo 1)


Start manufacturing contact probes for semiconductor device.(※photo 2)


Entry into the medical industry.


Change trade name from 「Mitaka Limited Company」to 「Mitaka Co.,Ltd」. Completion of new head office.(※photo 3)


Obtained ISO 9001


Capital increase


Begin external transaction with U.S.A, Germany, etc.


Organization Chart

Quality Policy

We will contribute to the company and the improvement of the environment by shaping the needs of our customers and providing them with something extra, a peace of mind and safety.

Therefore, we are taking initiatives to handle the following quality targets.

  1. Monozukuri in a clean environment is thoroughly implemented.
  2. Digitizing customer needs as much as possible.
  3. Making persistent improvements as much as possible to grasp one’s true abilities/skills.
  4. Value workplace communications.
  5. Set quality targets and review them on a regular basis.

ISO acquisition scheduled in 2024

Office Info

Head Office

1765-1, Menuma, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama 360-0201, Japan

HongKong Head Office

M.T.K. Technology Co.,Ltd.
Unit A2,4/F,Block A,Po Yip Building,62-70 Texaco Road,Tsuen Wan,New territories ,HongKong.

Office Info

1765-1, Menuma, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama 360-0201, Japan