About Us

We are “KUROKO” in the medical device manufacturing field.

“Kuroko” are stagehands in traditional Japanese theatres, who dress all in black. In kabuki, they support the performers and lead the stage to success.
We will do our best to support your business as Kurorko in the medical manufacturing field.

One-stop service KUROKO

Mitaka is a professional group that responds to various requests as『KUROKO』for medical device manufacturers.
It is possible to participate in the projects from the R&D stage.
Mitaka has also built up a lot of experience and achievements, a peace of mind and trust. Through this, we fully utilize our in-house machinery and extensive supply chain to support our customer projects by providing high service and high-quality products.

Why are we able to meet the demands of medical device manufacturers?

To meet customer needs and requirements, we design and develop in-house machinery to manufacture the straight wires and long coils.
For new product development requests from customers, we help out by considering the processing method to developing machinery for the mass production.

Points on one-stop service KUROKO

  • One-stop support from, Inquires→Proposals / Joint Development / Prototype / Verification / Sustainability → Material Procurement → Production ・ Processing → Assembly →Inspection → Delivery.
  • We (Mitaka) manage all processes from development to delivery and take responsible for the whole process.
  • We strive for ‘work efficiency’ and ‘work simplification’. ( management of whole process, reduce lack of communication, reduce problems, stable supply)