The process of straightening has been supported around the world for over 25 years now.

We have achieved “high straightness” and “excellent torque tracking” with our original in-house machinery, by utilizing our suspension wire manufacturing technology, which boasts a 50% share of the world market.
Automation enables mass production and stable supply. In addition, we also accept requests for various other processing.


  • High-straightness
  • Excellent torque tracking
  • Stable mass production

Main usage

  • Medical core guide wire
  • Mandrel for resin tube forming
  • Stylets for injection needles

Compatible specs


Stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, beryllium, other superalloys


Round wire

Wire diameter

The wire diameter is φ0.02 to φ0.90

Overall length

20mm to 5,500mm


Centerless processing, edge rounding, PTFE coating, taper processing, forming, etc.

Detailed video link (YouTube)


Demonstration and explanation of good response.【YouTube

Injection needle usage

Explanation of specifications and surface processing.【YouTube