Micro coil / Precious metal coil processing

Micro coils made with high precision based on actual results and data

Mitaka has a track record of processing various precious metals such as platinum.
Small parts range to a few tens of microns, enabling high accurate management based on actual results and data.
Stable mass production is possible with our original in-house machinery.


  • We have abundant experience processing platinum and precious metals.
  • Precision control of products
  • Low cost and stable mass production

Main usage

  • Catheter
  • Guide wire
  • Embolic coil
  • Marker

Compatible specs


Stainless steel, piano wire, tungsten (gold plating, electropolishing), platinum/tungsten, platinum/iridium, platinum/nickel, platinum 99.99%, various copper wires, other rare metals (titanium tantalum, etc.)


round wire, flat wire

Wire diameter

Wire diameter from φ0.02mm

Outer diameter

consultation required

Full length



Taper processing, edge processing, polishing processing, PTFE coating, pitch/solid winding, round wire/flat wire, pitch/solid winding, uniform outer diameter