Mitaka cleanup activity (Neighborhood cleanup)

Let’s welcome the summer holidays!

Let’s do (a good deed)before starting summer vacation!
So, today at Mitaka , we are conducting a cleanup plan centered on the maintenance team!
As expected, Kumagaya is really hot, so the plan will be carried out in the morning.
Ok everyone, gather together and let’s get started!

The plan is that everyone participates in cleaning around the neighborhood!

Although it was scorching hot with the sun beaming down on us, everyone did their best picking up trash.
Look everywhere, even in the grass , don’t want to miss anything!

We will conduct neighborhood cleanups to keep the place clean.

It took about 30 minutes cleaning up the area.
Lastly, we will separate the burnable from the non-burnable and dispose it.

Great job! Thank you for all your hard work under the hot sun.
The neighborhoods cleaned up, and now we get to enjoy summer vacation!
Employees happy smile after cleanup!
We plan to conduct cleanup on a regular basis.

There’s nothing like green tea after all that hard work ! Lol!