In-house training session!

An in-house training session was held for three days from June 15th to June 17th.
This lecturer is the leader from the Quality Assurance Department.
He gave us an easy-to-understand explanation of how to use CPK and how to create a histogram.
He spoke like a QC leader and talked passionately about “the meaning of quality assurance.”

Mitaka in-house training

Mitaka regularly holds in-house training sessions.
In this in-house training, the managers/leaders from each department act as lecturers to impart relevant knowledge and skills.
Although participation is not mandatory, many gather to deepen their skills and knowledge.
It also serves as a forum for exchanging opinions across departments.
We aim to utilize the knowledge and skills cultivated here for “making better things”.

The president also participates as a student!
“Anyone can learn” That’s what Mitaka training is all about.