Environmental radio programs “Gashoki de Night” Updated 1/31

Connection between “Mitaka” and “Gashoki de Night”

FM Kumagaya “Gashoki de Night” is a program by Eigo Tajima, the president of MITAKA, as “MC.EIGO”.
This is a radio program that talks about the environment with MC.ATAKA and program presenter Chi-chan (Ms. Chihiro Hasunuma).
In 2021, it started with us having the desire to create an opportunity to talk about ways of helping the environment.
From 2022, MITAKA’s young employee “Taku” will be added to the members, and it will be even more lively and fun!

So what is “Gashoki”

Gashoki is a dialect used around Kumagaya City, which means “reckless” or “stubborn”.
Let’s recklessly take action against the environment ! That’s what I think.


We hope to develop talks about the environment from all angles, such as the earth, nature, life, work, and people.
Think recklessly, and great ideas are sure to come. We plan to create time thinking of what we can do for the environment.
Please look forward to a lively talk show from MC EIGO, ATAKA, and TAKU!

Talk history

Year 2021

  • Start a broadcast “Thoughts on the Environment”
  • Thoughts on SDGs
  • Reporting location “Totoya” and “Kumagaya Nanairo Shokudo”
  • Christmas gift exchange ~ Environment-friendly gifts ~, etc.


Year 2022

  • Global warming, Air pollution
  • What is happiness
  • Environmental activities during golden week holidays
  • “What” Questions about the world
  • The biggest event of my life
  • “Breaking out of your comfort zone”, “New is exciting”, “Regeneration”  
  • Environmental independent study, etc.


Year 2023

  • Thoughts on recycling “3R” “Business-oriented recycling”
  • What is happiness